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This is a blog created by a fan to give you all the daily dose of Katy Perry you need. Here you'll find photos, videos, gifs, quotes and the lastest news from the star. The ask box is always open to questions/comments about the blog or Katy. Please don't re-post anything from here. Thanks for visiting! [ ] online

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87   •   Jul 05th, 2013

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50   •   Sep 15th, 2012

New KatyPerryLicious layout! 

Finally decided to change the website a bit, since the old layout had been there since october… Don’t forget to check KPL’s Lyrics Page, Twitter, Facebook & Youtube Channel!

Hope you all like the new layout, there’s still some details to be changed so if you have any problem with it or a comment about it… The ask box is open. xoxo.

4   •   Jun 03rd, 2012

KPL everywhere! 

You can now have your KATYPERRYLICIOUS daily dose on Facebook & Youtube!

Please support the blog to make it bigger and better!

KatyPerryLicious 1st Anniversary! 

I’d just like to leave here a small note to everyone that helped and stayed with the blog during this amazing year. KatyPerryLicious is turning one-year-old today and I couldn’t be any happier with it. I remember getting goosebumps when I first checked and saw the blog had 14 followers!

This next year is going to be though for my personal life, but I’ll do my best to have time to keep updating KPL, ‘cause you were all so kind to me that I will always try to give you the best.

Thank you to every single follower! I will never forget the people that helped me at the beginning and the love you’re always filling my ask box with. I hope my posts are good enough to have the privilege of having you as my followers.

If you don’t like kittens, or cotton candy… Get the fuck out.

- The first & only owner of KPL, Rafael.

Meet Shaun Ross, the guy from E.T. music video 

Shaun Ross (born May 10, 1991, Bronx, New York) is an albinistic African-American professional fashion model (and amateur dancer and actor). He has been featured in photo-editorial campaigns in major fashion publications including British GQ, Italian Vogue, i-D Magazine, Paper Magazine and Another Man, and has modeled for Alexander McQueen and Givenchy. Ross recently appeared in the Floria Sigismondi directed video for Katy Perry’s E.T.

73   •   Apr 01st, 2011